Monday, 2 April 2012

What's under your board?



FCS has launched a new campaign known simply as ‘Genuine FCS’. The campaign follows the global release of the new branded Genuine FCS X-2 and Fusion systems which feature the FCS logo on the top face of the plugs.

One of the key factors driving the Genuine FCS campaign is the high number of counterfeit products in the market place, of which the buyer is often completely unaware. Whilst FCS is flattered by the scores of imitations, none of these systems stack up against a Genuine FCS system.

‘Look for the Logo’ is a call to action for anyone purchasing a new board with FCS.
If the plugs installed in the board don’t have the FCS logo, there’s every chance the consumer is buying an inferior product.

The Genuine FCS campaign not only highlights the new branded plugs, but also provides rare insights into the minds of the best surfers in the world as they share their experiences using the Genuine FCS system.

While the campaign will appear in print, extensive online video content and imagery can be viewed on the Genuine FCS website Content will be continually updated with the campaign expected to last over 12 months.

LEVEN Surfboards uses genuine FCS fins
and fin systems in our boards.