Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin head is standing by on swell check!
 Ocassionally, you come across things that are just inspired comic genius....

Brilliantly harmless and naughty.

If I cruised past this it would certainly put the Happy in my Halloween.
Images courtesy of Mark @ 
Please follow the link for more images of interest.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Crafty Ideas for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner,
I was inspired to look back over some of the boards we have made
that share a goulish theme.
The bright colours make them reminicent
of something from the Mexican Festival Day of Dead.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Gentlemen, get your lady ticklers at the ready.

 It's nearly Movember.

That special time of year
when you can road test that Hogan handle bar moustache
you've secretly coveted out amongst your peers,
 for their judgement and amusement, and guage if you carry it off.

Probably not,
but for the month of Mo,
where Moustache is King,
feel free to be a suave or ferral as you like.

So get involved, and not just by growing the fuzz,
It's all in support of an excellent cause.

So if Mo maketh the man.....


To sign up and grow your support visit Movember UK

Friday, 31 August 2012

Oooohhhhhh, that's a sexy fish!

You likey???.......Me likey, very much.
Sweet, sweet fish - All trussed up and looking for a new home.
Pure Fun - Rocket Fish (NEW)

6'1" x 20' 1/2" x 2' 1/2"



Available to take in the water today.
Call to view and for further information.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mini Shop now open!

There's no denying it, this Summer has been pretty rubbish!

Plenty of the wet stuff, but unfortunately the wrong kind, and no sunshine or heat to speak of.

Still, it's not all been a complete loss.....(silver lining and all that).
It's given Jas a good opportunity to to do something he normally never finds the time to do, and that's make up some nice stock boards.

Yay, Finally I've found a use for these stickers! The boys at FCS will be delighted.


More to follow. Check them out on our website at Board available to take home today.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012

What's under your board?



FCS has launched a new campaign known simply as ‘Genuine FCS’. The campaign follows the global release of the new branded Genuine FCS X-2 and Fusion systems which feature the FCS logo on the top face of the plugs.

One of the key factors driving the Genuine FCS campaign is the high number of counterfeit products in the market place, of which the buyer is often completely unaware. Whilst FCS is flattered by the scores of imitations, none of these systems stack up against a Genuine FCS system.

‘Look for the Logo’ is a call to action for anyone purchasing a new board with FCS.
If the plugs installed in the board don’t have the FCS logo, there’s every chance the consumer is buying an inferior product.

The Genuine FCS campaign not only highlights the new branded plugs, but also provides rare insights into the minds of the best surfers in the world as they share their experiences using the Genuine FCS system.

While the campaign will appear in print, extensive online video content and imagery can be viewed on the Genuine FCS website Content will be continually updated with the campaign expected to last over 12 months.

LEVEN Surfboards uses genuine FCS fins
and fin systems in our boards.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Book Launch - H2H

What a great turn out there was last night for the launch of David and Jan Penprase's much anticipated sequel, Harbour 2 harbour. Well done to all those who have been involved in bringing it all together.

It was brill to finally see all the great images that they had worked so hard, and so long to put together. There are certainly some real characters in the village, and David's eye captured them in such beautiful detail.
Of course, I just love the image he took of our Jase in his dusty best, but there are so many terrific shots it's hard to pick a clear favorite but here are some that caught my eye.

(Images extracted from Harbour 2 Harbour) 

Our postman, John!

There are plenty more on show - definately worth taking the time out to go and view.

Exhibition is on everyday 10am -5pm,
31st March to 15th April
Customs House Gallery,
On the Harbour,

All proceeds to Cornwall Hospice Care and Children's Hospice South West.

Sales from the first book raised over £20,000 for charity and it is hoped that the sequel will be no less successful.

A big thank you to David and Jan for letting us participate and making it so fun.

All images copyright of David Penprase.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Following on from their success with the stunning pictorial Harbour to Harbour,
David and Jan Penprase have been working ceaselessly capturing even more portrait images for the sequel, Harbour 2 Harbour, which is to have it's much anticipated unveiling later this week.
It will be followed by an exhibition of their wonderful images, which should definately not be missed.

Tel; 01326 569365.

The exhibition will run everyday from
Saturday 31st March to Saturday 14th April 2012
10am - 5pm

All proceeds from the sale of the books / images are in aid of
Cornwall Hospice Care and Children's Hospice South West.

Please contact the gallery for enquiries.