Friday, 16 December 2011

Board Art - Brotherly love.

Just came home from a pretty disasterous day at work to find a parcel on the sideboard...............all Christmas presents recieved and accounted for so I am truely puzzeled! ........Wondering if maybe I had forgotten something in a wine induced ebay haze. Purchase panic sets in.

To my suprise when I opened it, I discover that it's a suprise Christmas present from my brother in Oz. Relief and warm heartedness come over me all at once.

It's a fabulous book, filled with all sorts of great surf, snow and skate art. In fact just about anything that you can do on a board as well as bios of the artists. I am truely touched - even more so as I have been such a shit, nagging about him never writing or sending postcards and the like. I am stunned and amazed at his thoughtfullness and feel even more crap for having only sent him a poxy card for Christmas. Guess this means I owe him that new fish his been gunning for even more. Little brother done good!

Amazing book. Fantastic images. Get yourself a copy to adorn your coffee table.

I now feel totally re-inspired, full of love and it's turned my day right around. Christmas drinks here we come!